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She is Lecturer in Modern/Contemporary Art at the University of Edimbugh. She holds a BA in Archaeology and Art History from the University of Athens (1991), an MA in Gallery Studies from the University of Essex (1992) and a PhD in Art History from the University of Reading (2000). She was Lecturer in Contemporary Art at the University of Southampton from 2001 to 2006. Angela’s research is in the field of contemporary art history and theory. It involves a wide range of practices, with a greater emphasis on lens-based media and participatory paradigms, and examines the social processes and structures that determine the production of meaning in contemporary art practice, often with a particular focus on developments in Europe. There is a strong input of gender and social studies to her work, which often deploys interdisciplinary frameworks. With an increasing focus on globalisation and biopolitics as key terms in the theorisation of contemporary art, her publications are concerned with the latter as a largely political discourse. She is particularly interested in the intersection of feminism and Marxism; art, knowledge production and pedagogies of protest; labour and the economic subject in contemporary art; experimental curating.

Current Project
Gender, Art, and Capital: Feminist Politics in the Age of Multitudes
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